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The modern factory of stone processing - Morstone Processing is located in Strzegom. Its production capacity makes it possible to produce 6000 m2 of granite slabs per month. The material they are processing is coming mainly from Strzegom Morów quarry (granite blocks), but the company is also bringing the material from all over the world. There can be found granite blocks from Scandinavia, Brazil, South Africa, India and Italy.

The factory is equipped with modern machines. The product quality is based on the most modern technologies, making it possible to obtain any kind of the slabs surface structure and both durable and aesthetic finish. Of course even the best machines would not ensure realization of granite products deliveries for various sophisticated projects. Morstone Processing is basing on the group of highly qualified employees, experienced and able to apply modern technologies. As a result of those the company may offer high quality of granite products and short delivery time.

The company's pride is CNC (Numerical Processing Centre). It enables to process especially difficult stone elements with ultra precision and very quickly. There are only few such machines in this part of Europe. The kitchen table tops and other elements are processed with the machines.

Morstone Processing Sp. z o.o.
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