Morstone Quarrying Sp. z o.o.

The Morstone Quarrying Company possesses its own granite deposits in the village of Morów, 10 km away from Strzegom. The Strzegom Morów granite fields make mining extremely difficult, but that is made up for by the top quality granite obtained there. None of the other Polish granites does not manifest such hardness, abrasion-resistance and such low absorbability as ours.

The quarry mines approximately 250 cubic meters of block material and approximately 300 cubic meters of irregular cubes a month. The production range of the quarry includes granite blocks and pavement cubes.


Morstone Quarrying Sp. z o.o.

Ul. Wałbrzyska 10
58-150 Strzegom

Secretary Office:
Tel.: +48 74 649 49 49
Fax.: +48 74 649 49 40

Sale Departament:

Wojciech Bonior +48 74 855 36 67  kom: +48 609 072 806


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